Dr. Mike's approach is three (3) steps:







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Personal Injury

Have you been in an auto accident?  Do you suffer from whiplash?  Pain and injuries sometimes don't surface right away.  In fact, it could be months before symtoms appear.  If you've been the victim of a personal injury accident, weekly appointments could be a successful formula to feeling pain free!  Contact Dr. Mike immediately to begin your recovery!



Posture Correction

Dr. Mike works with you to utilzie posture corrective excercises and stretching to aid with healing in the long term.  Dr. Mike also utlizes various posture-corrective equipment to achieve desired results. Stand tall and dress with confidence!  

Weight Loss & Wellness Consulting

Patients looking to gain better health and shed extra pounds can speak with Dr. Mike free of charge during their well consult.  After a brief questionnaire and patient history is completed, Dr. Mike will provide a recommended program that helps the body manage and overcome your challenges on a daily basis.  Whether its calming your sugar cravings or eating healthy on-the-go, Dr. Mike will help you achieve your goals.






Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy and Dr. Mike's approach focuses on alliviating tension in the muscles.  This tenstion can accumulate in your body because of travel, dehydration, stress, childbirth, sports, accident, or environmental factors.  Dr. Mike pinpoints the specific source of pain and engages in therapeutic practices to restore your body's balance.



Sports Injuries

Do you have a sports injury that you've been ignoring?  If so, it is important to alleviate this pain. Over compensation is when your body is thrown off balance and incorrect groups of nerves and muscles are recruited to help the body function.  This is not only poor for long-term health, but can lead to additional injury. Dr. Mike is able to treat a wide variety of sports injuries to help you look and feel your best!








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